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This is a CD set for music lovers and lovers of stories.

It is for those who enjoy being entertained.
For people who like to learn and want to better understand the world we live in.
It is for families to sit down and listen to together, and it’s for
youth and adults to individually absorb.
It sits comfortably beside your dictionaries and other reference works.
But above all, it is for those who long to be inspired.

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“Lift Every Voice & Sing!  The Roots of Gospel Music”
is available for download (approx $30) at:
iTunes or Nokia

You can either download the complete 3CD set, by CD/Volume, (being Volumes 1, 2, and 3), which is  *strongly recommended*;  or you can download individual tracks from any or all of the 3 volumes
(Vol.1–19 tracks; Vol.2–21 tracks; Vol.3–25 tracks).  Remember, this is musical documentary storytelling. 
One complete, gripping story told across 3 volumes.

NOTE: We would love your feedback!  After you have listened to the complete 3-volume set, we would
greatly appreciate your rating and/or writing a review
of this critically-acclaimed work by Tiki Mercury-Clarke.

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