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Kakuyon Stronghold was formed to create, manufacture, and distribute profoundly educational artistic works that deal with societal issues using an Africentric perspective. The goal of Kakuyon Stronghold is to offer "education disguised as entertainment” and more importantly ensure that this 'education' is inclusive, comprehensive and honest. Kakuyon Stronghold will continue to offer performances, workshop materials, CD's, DVD's, books etc. by Tiki Mercury-Clarke as well as others.
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Tiki Mercury-Clarke, who history will record as one of the all-time greatest Canadian jazz artists, is a multi-talented Canadian-born singer-pianist, storyteller, lyricist, composer and cultural historian. She has become a keeper of Afrikan ancestral wisdom, and, in harmony with tradition, a vessel for the often hard to find, authentic, African North American musical expression called jazz.

Kakuyon Stronghold is Tiki’s company which promotes her artistic talents and creations and makes them available online for bookings and/or purchase. Whether an evening of sultry and edgy jazz or a storytelling presentation, any performance by Tiki Mercury-Clarke demonstrates why she has been called “the crown jewel in Canada’s diadem of divas.”
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