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"Tiki Mercury-Clarke's “Lift Every Voice and Sing!: The Roots of Gospel Music”, Does what
no other gospel album has ever done: connect African tradition with the development of
Gospel music. This album should be listened to by all who think they know the African roots
of Gospel music.

"It is an incredible poetic and learning experience that will give the listener an extraordinary historical excursion from Africa to contemporary Gospel music.

"I was moved to tears as each track taught me how sacred and ancient the music of
African people is, and unfortunately, how many of us fail to understand this sacred history.

"This recording needs to be in the library of every artist, publisher, and listener of Gospel
music. Tiki's voice, in both the readings and songs speaks directly to the soul and captures
the traditional "shout songs" of Africans during enslavement.

"This album is simply awesome."  
Dr. Ray Winbush (Professor, Scholar, Author)
Director, Institute for Urban Research
Morgan State University
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

"Tiki Mercury-Clarke’s "Lift Every Voice and Sing!: The Roots of Gospel Music", represents a landmark achievement in the use of oral storytelling as powerful learning experience. The weaving of historical fact and moral inspection is nothing less than masterful.

"Tiki Mercury-Clarke engages us instantly and guides us on a journey that is
uncompromising yet thoughtful in the exploration of the African holocaust as a test of the courage, beauty, and spiritual power of African people.

"This compilation is a must for any educator who is serious of taking on the challenge of
delving into the fearful and stormy waters of social justice."

Kai ner Maa Pitanta
Masters of Science in Education, Foundations and Teaching
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Tiki Mercury-Clarke's "Lift Every Voice & Sing!: The Roots of Gospel Music", brings a new
vision of African history, through the dynamics of gospel music.

"This three volume CD collection of narration and music moves the listener thru African
and world history, in such a way that the listener is transposed and transformed. Anyone listening to this magnificent artist presentation of the great sagas of these great men and women will be left enlightened and uplifted by the brilliance of this artistic rendering.

"The need for such a wonderful learning tool is long overdue. Every home and classroom
should have a copy of Tiki Mercury-Clarke's “Lift Every Voice and Sing!: The Roots of
Gospel Music”

Professor James Small
Organization of African American Unity
New York, New York, U.S.A.

“Tiki, I listened to your ‘Lift Every Voice & Sing’ CD set and you did an excellent job with presenting a wide array of historical and cultural data to contextualize the roots of gospel music.

“Your work is very well thought and professional. The songs, narration, and multi-language voiceovers constitute an effective CD presentation. You successfully place the listening audience in the time and place being described.

“I believe that you have set a high standard in African-centered CD production.”

Professor Manu Ampim
Director, Advancing The Research
Oakland , California, U.S.A.


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