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"I waited eagerly for the release of this CD set and am thrilled to have my very own.

"The thought provoking narrative and outstanding musical performances are informative and entertaining. It is an unforgettable historical recount of the experiences and contributions
of black people, from the establishment in Africa of the first democrative societies to the creation of distinct rhythms used in worship.

"Encore! I look forward with the same anticipation to a follow-up of this magnificent work."  

Luciana Brown
Vaughn, ON

I met Tiki Mercury-Clarke as she walked into the studio last November 9th (2002), not
really having any idea what the record we were about to record would be. Wow. I had no
idea I would be learning such a large part of my heritage!

Now, I could tell you all sorts of interesting technical notes, about how Tiki and Quammie’s mastery of African musical history translated into tracks on a computer, but what was of
real interest to me, personally, was the historical content.

I was born in England, but my parents were both born and raised in East Africa. Our
heritage is not African but Goan, and subsequently during my life, I never really asked
them in any detail about their lives, or the political climate, or the history of Africa. I am overwhelmed with the lessons Tiki has taught me about a heritage that should have been
part of my general knowledge.

This story she tells, should be part of EVERY man and woman’s general history of the
world. It is a story often neglected and it is a story that applies to how every American, Canadian and European lives their lives today as they know it.

I will always be grateful to Tiki for this, and now my advice to you the listener, is enjoy
this story over and over, as much as you can. Let this story become a part of your own history, and your view of the world. It has the potential to overcome prejudice, induce
pride, clear conscience, and allow a new, more tolerant, loving and understanding society.

Please enjoy it as much as I have.

Annelise Noronha
Recording Engineer, “Lift Every Voice & Sing!: The Roots of Gospel Music”

Thankfully, on occasion, I have the opportunity to satisfy both my love of production and
my desire to work with gifted people to produce something special. Tiki Mercury-Clarke and
“Lift Every Voice and Sing!: The Roots of Gospel Music” are indeed special.

Never before have I witnessed a concert performance at the beginning of a recording
session. Tiki, of course, referred to this as “warming up.” Engineer, Annelise, and I called it amazing. It was, however, Tiki’s enormous and diverse talents and her dedication to the
history of a great music that I found to be inspiring in the greatest way.

The challenge, right from our earliest meetings, was to produce a credible, entertaining, refreshing “telling” of a music and a people whose history have been so often mistold.
Meeting the challenge meant showcasing Tiki’s vision, well-crafted script, captivating
narrative, moving arrangements and blessed voice. Meeting the challenge meant working
with Annelise Noronha, a gifted engineer who delivered excellent sound and design in a
great sounding room at Manta DSP.

I am sure you will agree that the experience you hold in your hands has met and surpassed
the challenge. I encourage you to listen, learn, and most of all SING!

Quammie Williams
Producer, “Lift Every Voice & Sing!: The Roots of Gospel Music”

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